Aberdeen Strategies

Interim Communications Executives

A Unique Offering

Aberdeen Strategies specializes in providing highly experienced senior communications professionals to serve in interim roles as chief communications officers (CCOs) for large organizations, both public and private. These CCOs provide operating oversight of the communications function while a permanent position is filled.

An Aberdeen Strategies interim CCO is able to provide a senior leadership team with expert counsel and management experience to ensure your program keeps moving forward. Our carefully selected senior consultants perform an Aberdeen Strategies Core Review of the communications function, including structure and bench strength of the communications/public affairs team, a communications channel audit, budget review, and external assessments.

Why Choose an Interim Communications Executive?

Finding the right person to direct your communications and public affairs can take time, with some searches taking six months or more. The Aberdeen Strategies approach allows companies to tackle the recruiting process without loss of momentum. Not only will the day-to-day aspects of the communications function continue without waiting for the “new” communications head, best practices will be implemented. The work that is performed by the Aberdeen Strategist is also of value to the incoming chief communications officer for faster ramp-up. The “100 Day Plan” of your new CCO becomes an informed and targeted process for making rapid progress.

The Benefits of an Interim CCO from Aberdeen Strategies

  • Expert oversight of your corporate communications and public affairs function by a proven professional
  • Seasoned, knowledgeable public affairs counsel in-house during a transition
  • No lost momentum
  • Reputation and risk management continuity to protect your brand during the search period
  • Much of the preliminary assessment required by the permanent CCO will be completed resulting in an easier and more effective ramp-up period
  • Best practices implemented to drive higher performance now rather than later
  • Candidates for the permanent position will receive additional insight into the role provided by your Aberdeen Strategies expert
  • Budget saves are identified early for greater efficiency
  • Help to reduce attrition of communications team members
  • Partners with your PR agency and other key consultants
  • Consultant is backed by the Aberdeen Strategies team
  • Prioritization of initiatives and identification of key opportunities

Getting Started

We’ll meet with members of the senior team and your recruiter to understand your specific needs before assigning the appropriate individual who will begin to work for you. We make it as seamless as possible so you can focus on running your business.