Aberdeen Strategies

The Aberdeen Strategies Core Review

Your interim chief communications officer provided by Aberdeen Strategies will focus on moving things forward while performing a series of assessments that will be invaluable to you and the incoming CCO. Our CORE review targets key leverage points for assessment:

The Communications/Public Affairs Team

  • Talent assessment (Do you have the right people on the bus?)
  • Structure (Is the team organized optimally for the mission?) 
  • Interaction and perception with key stakeholders (Does the team interface well?) 
  • High potentials (Are your high potentials being optimized?)
  • Issues and gaps (Do you have mismatched team members and capability gaps?) 
  • Goals and metrics (Does the team have the goals and metrics to drive higher performance?)

The Resources

  • Budget (Are you allocating dollars in the right places?)
  • Agency and consultant support (Are they being well utilized?) 
  • Technology (Do you have the right tools to communicate and protect the brand?)

The Marketplace—External Communications

  • Use of communications channels and tools 
  • Reputation assessment with key stakeholders (media, investors, elected, others)
  • Legislative issues prioritized NGO relationships and support assessed 
  • Contributions and philanthropy program fit

The Workplace—Internal Communications

  • Communication effectiveness 
  • Culture review (if appropriate) 
  • Communications plan and implementation

Your management team and the incoming CCO will receive a written report on these core areas, with gaps identified and recommendations and key priorities clearly addressed. Additional assessments can also be conducted with the support of specialists and the company’s trusted agency partners.